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Wild Tea Making Workshop

Ever wondered what the difference is between black, green and herbal teas? And what is that SCOBY thing in Kombucha? Can you pick things to make your own teas at home? Learn the differences between some of the common teas, the principles of making Kombucha, how to harvest, dry and …

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Historical Native Plant Workshop

Get an historical account how Alberta settlers and indigenous people utilized the native plants in their environment. From food to medicine to tools, these plants helped shape our cultures to what they are today. We will also look at the science behind some native plants and examine their future potential.

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Medieval Mayhem

We know the May long weekend can be a crazy time for people as it’s the traditional time for Albertans to really get outdoors again. Whether you are out and about or sticking close to home to do your yard and garden work, Medieval Manor Gardens is open to help …

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Medieval Manor Gardens Grand Opening

As a kick off to spring and our first year operating in our new location Medieval Manor Gardens would like to share the Rosenthal Woods (which is in our opinion, our greatest feature!) with up to 10 select guests. This will include a guided trail tour including identifying various wild …

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4th Annual Community Hall Garage Sales

A joint community garage sale held by various community venues in the area. We will be at Rosenthal Community Hall with household items and an array of things from Medieval Manor Gardens, but please make a day of it and check out the other venues as well. For more information …

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Earth Day

Earth Day is supposed to be our grand opening day for the season, but Mother Nature has decided to take her time this year with the arrival of spring. Please still celebrate Earth Day by doing something green and come out to our Guided Trail Hike May 5th or partake …

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Beargrass Germinating!

This is our first time germinating Beargrass seed so to have it surprise us by germinating in the fridge while stratifying was truly – gratifying.

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Easter Eggs to Dye For!

Hoppy belated Easter all! We’ve been so busy it’s been difficult to get this blog together but we’re making an effort, though be it a bit late. Last week my son and I explored some different dye methods to colour our Easter eggs and though our video has not been …