Dawn Watts has been around plants and animals in rural settings all her life. She also has a Welsh heritage which has peaked her interest in medieval and primitive skills. Being an Alberta native herself, it made sense to combine these interests and knowledge to adapt to Alberta climates with its wide variety of edible and medicinal native plants. Dawn attended Olds College where she took soils and forage crop classes. She has also been mentored by ecologists, biologists, horticulturalists, landscape designers, farmers and countless other experts in their fields (pun intended! Lol!).

Medieval Manor Gardens is the culmination of this with our focus being providing clients with wild and cultivated native plants as well as other cold hardy edibles and medicinals. Our plants are wild crafted and naturally grown locally using sustainable methods. Through Medieval Manor Dawn also hopes to educate people wishing to reconnect with their rural and wild roots (we love our guided tours and interactive learning events!). Look for us at local farmers markets, workshops and through other local businesses around the Parkland County and Edmonton areas down through Calgary and the Foothills. Check us out online through our website and Facebook pages. All pricing is retail. Chefs, brewers, landscapers and other commercial clients please contact us for wholesale pricing and custom growing. Whether you purchase some hardy plants to eat or grow in your own garden, join us on a hike in one of the many natural areas in Parkland County, or take part in one of our workshops to learn about wild teas or creating your very own puddle garden, Medieval Manor Gardens will empower you to become more self sufficient while keeping it vivacious!