Medieval Manor Gardens offers the following services to compliment our natural and sustainable wild crafted and cultivated native edibles and medicinals in a completely interactive environment:

Rosenthal Woods

*Primitive skills workshops including topics such as natural/ancient horticultural methods, food preservation, native edibles and medicinals, fire making (without using a match!), cordage, cutting tools, and many others. Small groups ensure more individual attention and therefore greater learning potential and a smaller eco footprint in native areas and on agricultural land. Many of these workshops will involve our Drawbridge affiliates (like minded local businesses) and their products and services as well as the sampling of Medieval Manor’s many products.

Fantasy Garden Workshop

*Guided trail hikes through the Rosenthal Woods. Identification of wild edible and medicinal plants and wildlife, orienteering, selective sustainable firewood gathering, implementation of learned survival techniques and more.

*Volunteer programs through which participants can help in our gardens and out in the woods and learn valuable skills and information regarding locally produced eco agri sustainable native edibles and medicinals.

*Consultation services including edible landscaping, herbology, holistic nutrition, natural gardening, agricultural sustainability and more.

*Products are always available for purchase as are services always available to book (you can register for Primitive Skills Workshops and Guided Trail Hikes under our Products section. Please inquire regarding our other services). Special events and entertainment will be offered from time to time as well!

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