Here is a list of other businesses and non-profit organizations we support within Canada and locally within Alberta:

  • Fescue Naturalization is a landscaping company that specializes in nativescaping in the Edmonton area. They offer consultation, design, construction and maintenance of a variety of native plant based projects including urban homeowners.

Parkland County Libraries

  • Encompassing the Duffield, Tomahawk, Keephills, Entwistle and Wabamun libraries, the Parkland Library system not only provides good reading, but engages its communities with classes and events year round. This great group of people has given Medieval Manor Gardens the chance to share our nature hikes and workshops from Wild Teas to Puddle Gardens, with all ages and have a great time while doing it! Stop in at one of your local libraries to see the latest events they have going on – or maybe even read a book!

Edmonton Native Plant Society

  • This local not for profit group educates people about the value of native plants and acts as stewards for various nature areas throughout the Edmonton area. Medieval Manor supports them through donations and purchasing locally collected, sustainably harvested seed through them. They have events throughout the year and lots of great information so be sure to take a look!

  • Niche Landscapes operates out of Edmonton and offers resilient, sustainable landscape designs including a variety of native plants. They also offer maintenance services on all their installations.

Backyard Birds Nature Shop

  • This newer business in Spruce Grove is locally owned by a great family! They have a wonderful selection of items for your wild bird friends, pollinators and other nature in your own backyard! Backyard Birds has a wealth of knowledge to help you with any of your questions and needs, from habitats to foods and unique locally made arts and crafts pieces that resonate with being eco-friendly and nature related. We are thankful that they have given Medieval Manor Gardens opportunities like our weekly native plant kiosk at their store location during summer months and joint nature walks. Our Wild Teas and artwork have also just been added to their store. Pssst! BTW you have to check out their gorgeous bird baths, but save the purple one for me!

Edmonton and Area Native Plant Trust

  • This organization does great things to conserve nature in and around the Edmonton area. They also strive to educate and engage people to take an active role in land conservation. Check out the link to see the Smith Blackburn Homestead and the part Medieval Manor Gardens played to help restore an area invaded by weeds by creating a native pollinator garden.


  • All across Canada ALUS helps farmers make better nature based solutions in regards to their land. In Alberta educational seminars are offered along with grants that cover a wide range of topics and issues from soil erosion to wildlife friendly fencing (see our blog on fencing here). I’m listening in on a bat seminar in the near future. 

Canadian Wildlife Federation

  • Many think just of wildlife when they think of this organization (which they do a lot of good work for!), but they also support and educate regarding native plant species. Medieval Manor Gardens is on their native plant supplier list and is working towards getting Wildlife Friendly Habitat certification through them. Check out their ongoing events and new information.

Alberta Native Plant Council

  • A provincial organization that provides good information regarding invasives, natives  and has plenty of opportunities for volunteering and events. They also encourage planting natives by offering small grants for related projects like pollinator gardens. For 2022 Medieval Manor is offering a 25% discount to anyone purchasing native plants for ANPC’s Native Plant Pollinator Garden Challenge.

Alberta Farm Fresh

  • The AFFPA supports the production and farm direct marketing of produce, meat and related items. It also connects consumers to their food through education and direct contact with food production via the producers.

Nature Alberta

  • This province wide entity has a number of clubs within it including the aforementioned Alberta Native Plant Council. It encourages the appreciation and conservation of Alberta’s natural environment.

Blackfly Environmental Services

  • Blackfly is a local company that offers environmental assessments, construction monitoring and inspection services, and has strong ties to the indigenous community through programs they provide.

Alberta Native Bee Council

  • This group helps support the conservation of Alberta’s native pollinators through education, research and collaboration.