Silky Scorpionweed

Wow! It has been awhile since I could really sit down at the computer with all of the planting, deliveries and so forth going on (Thank you Mother Nature for this much needed rain!). Thank you as well to everyone that has made this season already so amazing! With summer just around the corner there is still so much gardening and enjoyment of our natural spaces that we can do.

If you have been considering a wetland feature of some sort now is a great time to

Puddle Gardens

create one. From puddle gardens all the way up to nativescaping a larger pond, we can point you in the right direction. We are even planning a Puddle Garden workshop in July (one for adults and one for kids) where you can learn about some of our native wetland plants and create your own wetland container garden. Watch for it on our events page.

There are still a few places where one can get spruce tips if you are looking for fresh ones or perhaps to preserve some for future use. Though not native to Alberta, we do have some Colorado Blue Spruce available if you would like your own spruce tips. We find they grow some of the nicest, along with Black Spruce.

Medieval Manor Gardens will be at the Community Street Market in Stony Plain from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sat., June 25th hosted by One Man’s Treasure. Please stop by to see us and the many other local vendors. There will be so many unique items you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

Although some of the other local garden centres may be winding down for the season, we are just ramping thing up! New species, out of stock items back in stock, and of course, the aforementioned events and workshops going on all summer long. Gift certificates are a great way to gift something in advance or if you are unsure of what someone may like. Delivery is also available to a number of areas.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on our regenerative nativescaping project at Akesi Farms near Sundre and other cool events and projects in the works for this year! If you have a group interested in having us run a workshop or hike for you, or are looking for some consultation regarding a planting project, by all means contact us to arrange something. We do not take any deposits until we know it’s a go and can always change dates if required.

We have been so busy, we have not had the time to record new episodes of our Regenerative Landscapes podcast, but refresh yourself with our past episodes and look forward to new pods to be released this fall! Listen on

Regenerative Landscapes

your fav platform and Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment. 

Our aim is to provide native and cold hardy edible and medicinal plants for commercial projects like landscaping and reclamation, community groups, and retailers such as garden centres. We do offer a small amount of retail including some natives and our own excess bedding outs (online and at live vendor events) but as our wholesale clients expand we encourage retail clients to support them (they will be listed on our Affiliates page). This way we can focus on education and growing more plants! We are also looking for restaurants, microbreweries and other specialty food and beverage producers that would like to add some local, unique and/or wild fare to their creations (check out Feral Fare coming soon).  

Virtual tours, online workshops and videos are works in progress but will take time to develop.

Blanket Flower

***We now have a direct local connection to the Ukraine through friends of ours that still have family over there. They have helped form a group that is receiving a frequently updated list of what supplies are needed most. They ship directly to Poland where items are inventoried, grouped and sent out to where they are really needed. Medieval Manor Gardens has decided to donate 60% of all of our sunflower family related sales this season (including Native Sunflowers, Jerusalem Artichoke tubers, Blanket Flower, Arnicas etc.) to this cause to purchase the desperately needed items, and to have them distributed where they will be most beneficial. We will be as transparent as possible while keeping safety a top priority. We hope this will give people further insight as to what is transpiring in the Ukraine.  ***Update, we do have a few potted Jerusalem Artichokes available now as our tubers were sold out for the season.

Stay safe and thank you for supporting local business, the Ukraine and for going back to your roots to grow your future,

Dawn Watts,

Owner and creator of Medieval Manor Gardens