Pussy Willow

Garden season is pretty much here for us and fast approaching for others. I’m not sure if we will ever complete our seemingly endless to-do list, but we will make our best effort!

The Tree-O has resumed producing the Regenerative Landscapes podcast which you can download on almost any platform to listen to. Our first new episode takes an in depth look at a great spring shrub, the willow, including ecological, medicinal and aesthetic benefits.

Our next Celtic Zodiac and Plants blog will have to wait a bit longer now as we are getting so busy with our growing season. This next one will feature Hazel, Crane and Amethyst among other things so patiently follow us on FB and here on our website so you can catch it when it does come out.

Winter Chicken Coop Build

I am writing about our journey of building our chickens their insulated winter coop including how, why, what worked, and what we would change on our next one. The story will have to wait until fall to be completed but it will be worth the wait!

We are still on Step Five in the Firecircle program due to time constraints (we’re continuing to work through it – it’s just taking more time right now), but it has been a great program so far to help get our business on track for our new location and engage with the tourism sector. I’ve already met some other great business owners whom we’ll be collaborating with on some workshops, tours, products, and special events. 

Dragon Wagon

We are working on the “Dragon Wagon”, our mobile vardo or “gypsy wagon” to be ready initially as our onsite market stand or anreg (gift in Welsh) shop, before moving out for this season’s pop-up markets, so that we may bring Medieval Manor Gardens to those who might not be able to make it out to our location. Our actual onsite shop, Hiraeth (pronounced Hee-rye-th) will take a bit longer to get ready, but will gradually replace the Dragon Wagon. Hiraeth is a deep inborn sense of yearning for a place beyond this plane of existence. It is more of a deeper feeling. It is in the wind, the rocks, and the waves. It is nowhere and it is everywhere. It is perfect for our little place of connection and to enable

guests to bring a piece home with them to maintain that connection.  Our greenhouse and gardens will take time to get in order, but piece by piece we will have more things growing and available to peruse.

Then there is the livestock. Our rare and heritage flock of poultry has been increasing in order to meet the needs of our clients (thank you so much for your ongoing support through purchasing our Rainbow Protein Pearls, AKA Farm Fresh Eggs!). We now have Black Copper Marans, Isbars, Cream Legbars and a few guinea watch dogs. Opal Legbars and Dark Cornish should be coming soon. Saphira and Proof, our 2


Curly horse mares are looking forward to receiving visitors and providing some luscious hypo-allergenic wool this spring. We hope to get a few Mammoth donkey jennies to add to our little herd and help expand the equine experience. Some driving clinics with an end goal of sustainable logging are possible over the summer thanks to Christine Beattie. Reach out if you are interested – even if you do not have a horse, as we can work with you to make things happen! Romanov, Wiltshire, and Painted Desert Sheep are also on the list this season. All of these projects will require a lot of infrastructure, and elbow grease! MM Gardens is therefore looking for some great volunteers who wish to learn and share their skills to join our Crewyrs (Creators) tribe. More information will be coming, but in the meantime, anyone interested can contact me at dawnw@mmgardens.ca.

With so much going on we are taking a more subdued approach to our offerings for the next while, but

we have confirmed a kusamono bonsai workshop with Abbas Mancey of Love that Plant for July 13th. Let us know if you wish to be added to the list. Pricing and details will be coming shortly. We will also be participating in Alberta Open Farm Days Aug 17th and 18th this year. Blue Dragon, the band we are now a part of will be playing a variety of country, classic rock and a few other surprises. Monique Collins from Dragonfly CreeAtions will be present to provide indigenous experiences which may include drumming, smudging, fire circles, wild teas and locally made indigenous products. Soul House Sweets from Beaumont will be sure to tantalize your senses with their unique, locally made chocolates. Of course our greenhouse, livestock, Dragon Wagon and more will be open for tours and to purchase our on farm products. Contact us for more information at info@mmgardens. More amazing experiences will be offered as time permits so be sure to watch our Facebook and website pages.   

If you have a group interested in having us run a workshop or hike for you at your location or ours, or are looking for some consultation regarding a planting project, by all means, contact us to arrange something. We do not take any deposits until we know it’s a go and can always change dates if required.

We currently do not generally ship live plants out of province as they are overwintered outdoors to ensure hardiness, and may therefore contain organisms not native to other places. Some areas near us can receive free shipping so please inquire if you are unsure or our website is not cooperating. 

Teachers, groups, and corporate team builders, a great idea for this spring, is to arrange for one of our in-person workshops or tours. Whether you wish to create a mini ecosystem (woodland, prairie, or puddle garden), go on a nature walk, or engage with and learn from our unique livestock and regenerative farming practices, MM Gardens can create an experience just for you! Contact us at info@mmgardens for details.

Gift certificates are a great way to gift something in advance or if you are unsure of what someone may like. Delivery is also available to a number of areas.

Our aim is to provide completely immersive nature and agricultural experiences and products to educate

Black Spruce Trail

and connect people back to the land, thus instilling a desire to take action regarding the health of Mother Earth and her children.    

Stay safe and thank you for supporting local business, and going back to your roots to grow your future,

Dawn Watts,

Owner and creator of Medieval Manor Gardens