Booth at Bountiful

Things are ramping things up for the new season here at Medieval Manor Gardens. We are updating our website inventory as plants become available so check back frequently. Events and projects are being planned so keep an eye on our calendar.

You can see us at the weekly Edmonton Bountiful Market every Saturday! Look for us in Artisan booth H7. Be prepared to meet our newest member of the team – Carmen! Carmen comes to us from Edmonton and grew up in Bonnyville, so she is definitely an Albertan through and through! Her passions for nature, plants and natural botanicals are sure to be great assets while working at our nursery. This young lady also loves music and her warm, bubbly personality is contagious, making her a great face for our markets and engaging with people as well. We can hardly wait for you to meet Carmen!

With everything else going on I almost forgot to mention Medieval Manor Gardens is offering a 25% discount to all who participate in the 2023 Native Plant Pollinator Garden Challenge.  Go to the Alberta Native Plant Council for more information https://anpc.ab.ca/?page_id=7244

Our location for the Beach Corner Market has changed slightly. Medieval Manor Gardens will still be on the Beach Corner premises, but we will now have our weekly pop up in front of the Scoops Ice Cream Shop facing the 16A Highway. Conveniently shop for your native plants, bedding outs, wild teas and other nature nerd things every Thursday from 2-7 pm.

On Saturday, May 20th expect double trouble as we will be at both our regular Bountiful Market and a special one day market at the St. Albert Backyard Gardening Plant Swap and Sale. Go to our Events page for more details.

We will have a special guest at our May 25th Beach Corner Market! Stop by to visit Drago – our roughly 14 year old Tiger Salamander. Tiger Salamanders are amphibians important to our wetland areas as they are indicators of wetland health, eat an array of insects and invertebrates including pest species and provide food for other wildlife. Learn more about wetlands and Tiger Salamanders on this special market day!

Join the 3 Sisters of myself, Dawn Watts, Lisa from Regenerative Gardening and Lianne from Northern Shire Healing for a day of hands on experience and learning to create a Labyrinth/Medicine Wheel utilizing permaculture, native plants and connection between nature and your inner self. Taking place Saturday, June 17th, you can get more details at www.healingshire.com.

As a follow up to our meet and greet Drago and wetlands information session we will be having a Puddle Gardens Workshop at the June 22 Beach Corner Market. Stay rooted for more details!

Stay connected to our website and Facebook pages and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on our regenerative nativescaping project at Akesi Farms near Sundre and other cool events and projects in the works. 

If you have a group interested in having us run a workshop or hike for you, or are looking for some consultation regarding a planting project, by all means contact us to arrange something. We do not take any deposits until we know it’s a go and can always change dates if required.

MM Gardens Totess! 

***UPDATE!*** We now have eco conscious limited edition canvas totes from UKIYO available for purchase! Natural colour with our tree of life logo and a few extras including a magnetic closure and an inside pocket. Only $25.00 and you can order them here.

Customers have been trying to purchase live plants to ship out of province and/or during the winter months. We currently do not have a method to separate our products into what can and cannot be shipped when and where, so please be patient with us. We currently do not ship live plants out of province as they are overwintered outdoors to ensure hardiness, and may therefore contain organisms not native to other places. We also do not ship live plants during the winter as temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on both sleeping and actively growing plants. You are still welcome to place advance in province live plant orders now, but just do not expect shipment until April/May. Dormant plants can be purchased for pickup throughout the winter as long as you have somewhere appropriate to keep them until spring and as long as we can dig them out from under the snow! 

We apologize for any inconvenience, but with increasing costs of just about everything, we need to change our pricing on many of our products. Know that you are receiving the best products that we can provide so that what you pay is well worth it! 

Teachers, a great idea for spring for your students is to arrange for one of our in person garden workshops. Whether you wish to create a pollinator garden, food forest, or mini ecosystem (woodland, prairie or puddle garden) for your students to engage with and learn from, MM Gardens can create an experience just for you! Contact us at info@mmgardens for details.

Gift certificates are a great way to gift something in advance or if you are unsure of what someone may like. Delivery is also available to a number of areas.

Our aim is to provide native and cold hardy edible and medicinal plants for commercial projects like landscaping and reclamation, community groups, and retailers such as garden centres. We do offer some retail as well including some natives and our own excess bedding outs (online and at live vendor events), but as our wholesale clients expand we encourage retail clients to support them (they will be listed on our Affiliates page). This way we can focus on education and growing more plants! We are also looking for restaurants, microbreweries and other specialty food and beverage producers that would like to add some local, unique and/or wild fare to their creations.   

Virtual tours, online workshops and videos are works in progress but will take time to develop.

Blanket Flower

***The connection we had to donate to the Ukraine is no longer accepting donations, so we are looking at donating the money raised from the sales of our sunflower related plants in 2022 to another Ukrainian cause. We are just awaiting details and will keep you posted. Thanks to all the caring people that purchased our plants last season we are able to donate $100. Medieval Manor Gardens hopes to add to this in 2023! 

Stay safe and thank you for supporting local business, the Ukraine and for going back to your roots to grow your future,

Dawn Watts,

Owner and creator of Medieval Manor Gardens