Fall Crop 2

As we enjoy the beautiful fall colours, we enter yet another period of gardening. Now is the time we harvest the last of our garden veggies, outdoor herbs and flowers, do a little tidying, take inventory, and tuck our native plants and other perennials in for their winter sleep. We planted some short season cool crops after harvesting the squash and potatoes and it paid off!  We now get to enjoy one more round of radishes, lettuce, thai choi and cilantro before the cold sets in. We have also been free of cabbage butterflies with the cooler weather so our kale has been able to come out from under cover. Our tender potted crops have been brought indoors and our natives and other hardy perennials have been placed in their winter homes to gather a nice natural mulch of leaves from the resident trees. This will reduce moisture loss until the snow flies and help keep temperatures more consistent throughout the winter. Prepping collected seed, placing orders for more seed and planning our new workshop and nature hike schedule will now move to the forefront as will planning out the growing and garden areas for next season. Finally we can give our website a much needed update!

Regenerative Landscapes

If you are a plant addict (I know I am!), we do have a certain number of natives, herbs and flowering plants that can be grown indoors as well. While you go about your gardening tasks, give our Regenerative Landscapes podcast a listen. Myself and 2 of my friends and colleagues tackle an array of subjects relating to regenerating our landscape including specific native species, nature areas to see, the newest ag tech, composting, soil and so much more! We try to educate and engage our listeners with a down to earth style and possibly some humour? Lol! We’ve even recorded our own music for the intro/outro (and no, we are not professional musicians)! Please go to Dawn’s Blog, Podbean, Apple, Google, Spotify, Iheartradio, or wherever you find your favourite listening platform to subscribe, download, share and like our episodes. 

Highbush Cranberry

I have also started adding a short description section to each of our available plant species to help give you some quick info. Things like light and moisture requirements, blooming period, mature size, and special qualities will all be listed here for your convenience to make your decision making process a little easier. Please be patient as this upgrade will take some time, since I will be doing it all myself at this point! If you  have a question, request or comment, don’t be shy! Please message me or send an email and I will get back to you asa I can.

Now, step through our gates and we’ll open your senses to an ancient but newly rediscovered world of plants including local Alberta grown natives, cold hardy edibles, and healing herbs. 

Medieval Manor Gardens provides plants for commercial projects like landscaping and reclamation, communtiy groups, and retailers such as garden centres. We are also looking for restaurants, microbreweries and other specialty food and beverage producers that would like to add some local, unique and/or wild fare to their creations. Throughout the COVID 19 crisis we are offering online purchasing and doorstep/tailgate delivery to retail clients including native and cold hardy edible and medicinal plants, baked goods, as well as our own excess garden bedding out plants. We are now booking for outdoor, socially distanced guided hikes and workshops with limited numbers so check out our events page and on Facebook!

Virtual tours, online workshops and videos are works in progress but will take time to develop.

Winterized Plants

Stay safe and thank you for supporting local business and for going back to your roots to grow your future,

Dawn Watts,

Owner and creator of Medieval Manor Gardens