The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Oak and Holly

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Oak and Holly

Burr Oak

From June 10th to July 7th of the Celtic Zodiac look for the rock solid stabilizing capabilities of Oak to come into play. Those born under this sign are positive, confident, and just beings. Oak is long lasting and one of the most sound building materials. Bur Oak is a species native to Alberta, though it is rarer, generally naturally only being found in the SE corner of our province. Once established however, it is quite resilient. Diamond is a very strong stone so perhaps that is why it is connected to this sign. Oak is represented by the letter D for Dur, which perhaps translates to “door” – a gateway to fertility, protection, and success. Oaks are family and community oriented so they do well with Willow and Ash. Wrens and otters are

River Otter

the animal totems associated with Oak. Numerous wren species live in Alberta, but pretty much all of them are small and inconspicuous with loud voices. Perhaps like the Oak, they are gentle, but will not hesitate to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The River Otter is also like Oak because it is very family oriented.

Tall Oregon Grape

Holly is the ruler born between July 8th and August 4th. These individuals are brave and successful, making them great leaders. There are no native species of Holly in Alberta, but Tall Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium) might be the closest native plant we have. It has blue berries instead of red, but does have shiny green leaves with points similar to Holly which turn a beautiful maroon colour in the fall. Tinne or the letter T represents Holly. Its wood is used in weaponry and its thorns are also formidable and so it is a protector both in the physical and spiritual world. Hollies are extremely competitive which may seem arrogant, but if you give yourself a chance to get to know one, they are generous and loving. Ash and Elder are very connected to Holly as they are all pathfinders. The cat is Holly’s totem and in Alberta, we have 3 – the Bobcat, Lynx, and Cougar. All excel

Bobcat silhouette

at hunting with their physical and mental prowess, and lead their offspring to do the same, much like those that are born under Holly’s sign. Carnelian is the stone of Holly. It is a quartz based stone containing iron oxide which gives it a range of orange to deep reddish colour. It is symbolic of boldness, leadership, energy, warmth and motivation.