The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Willow and Hawthorn

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Willow and Hawthorn

Pussy Willow

As we enter the fifth period of Sail or Saille (the letter S) from April 15-May 12, we find those born under this sign to be great observers and quite intuitive. They look at everything as a life lesson and are down to earth patient types. Incidentally, Sail means willow and is similar to Salix, which is the scientific name for willows. Not surprisingly this sign is drawn to water which may be why one of its animal totems is a sea serpent. We do not have access to the sea here in Alberta, but you could interpret quite a few existing animals to be sea serpent like. Adder and Hare are the other two. We do not have Adders here so we will focus on Hare. Both the Snowshoe Hare and the White-tailed Jackrabbit (despite the name, it too is a hare) reside in our province.

The Jackrabbit lives in more open areas like grasslands where it can use its legs to its advantage. They

White Tailed Jackrabbit

have also adapted to live in suburban areas and are our largest hare.

Snowshoe Hare

The Snowshoe Hare prefers areas of brush and woodland to help it stay hidden and isn’t as lanky as a Jackrabbit. Both are intuitive observers thought to be connected to the water moon, which again relates to willow.

By now you will have guessed Sail’s tree – Willow. It is a good match for this time period as it is now in bloom with its unmistakable fuzzy catkins. Ivy and Birch are thought to be good matches for Willow.

Moonstone is Willow’s gemstone which totally makes sense, since the moon is representative of water with its effect on tides and seemingly liquid, shimmering light.

May 13-June 9 is the sign of Huath (the letter H). I find it interesting that it is the 6th celtic sign and my

Black Hawthorn with bee

son was born June 6th of 2006. I take that to mean his connection is extra powerful. Huath is the illusionist, represented by the Hawthorn as it has both beautiful flowers and sharp thorns. It offers protection if you can pass its testing. Hawthorn is also a sign of fertility and is used in Beltane festivities. It is the May Queen’s crown in fact.

The Welsh goddess Olwen has strong ties to Hawthorn. Olwen is thought to be a sun goddess so the Bee is a perfect animal totem if this is the case. However, the name Olwen means “white footprint” in Welsh and so “Goddess of Light” could also reference moonlight, so the Owl is also Huath’s spirit animal. Once again you can see the illusionist ties as one under this sign can go between light and dark. The Owl represents change, luck, mystery, knowledge, curiosity and is a watcher and keeper of secrets. We have many owl and bee species in Alberta so Huath is strong here.

Topaz is the gemstone. Hawthorn is thought to pair well with Ash and Rowan.

Look for our next Celtic sign connections in June!