Greenhouse Plants

Medieval Manor Gardens offers a wide variety of  naturally cultivated locally grown native plants, edibles, condiment, flavouring and garnish crops (check out Feral Fare coming soon!), medicinals, and cold hardy plants in plugs and different sized pots as well as some fresh and dried harvested plant material. We also offer excess garden bedding out plants, but our main focus will be native edibles and medicinals. All wildcrafted plant material will be selectively harvested so that an ample percentage remains to regenerate, and we will reseed any populations that need assistance in keeping their numbers up. Medieval Manor also collects seed and/or purchases seed from reputable growers to cultivate our wild native plants whenever feasible to reduce pressure on wild populations. The medicinal information given is based more on actual scientific findings rather than just folklore, but even still we make no claims regarding medicinal use so please seek the consultation of a medical professional before using plants medicinally.

Plant Nursery Area

Here you can purchase our natural, eco sustainable and local products online for your convenience. *To all of our clients that bring us gently used pots, trays and germ packs – for helping keep these items out of the landfill we will provide discounts on purchases or select free plants in exchange! (discounts and/or plant selection will depend on factors such as volume and type of potting materials, plant availability, etc. Please inquire with staff).

*We are a small business and have found ourselves very busy! This means we can’t always spend the time we would like updating our online inventory which is constantly changing. If there is a product listed that appears out of stock or something you are interested in that you don’t see, please ask! We may just not have been able to post it yet!

We also feature work from local artisans and limited amounts of low risk fresh baked goods utilizing our own produce, condiment crops and flavourings. Please feel free to shop our online catalogue, check us out at local farmers markets, or contact us to book an onsite viewing.

Goldenrod Cornbread Muffins

How about a unique piece of artwork? Maybe some Wild Tea or Jerusalem Artichokes? The possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned as Medieval Manor Gardens grows from the roots up!!

Medieval Manor Gardens

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