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3 Part Pollinator Series on the Regenerative Landscapes Podcast!

Join us for our 3 part pollinator series on our Regenerative Landscapes podcast! This week in part 1 we look at pollinator plants. Stay tuned for part 2 where we have special guest Megan Evans from the Alberta Native Bee Council talk about pollinator species including the largest group – …

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Mother’s Day Tribute

I am a mother to my child, to my animal companions, to my plants and to the natural world around me. I have loved and lost my own mother. I have watched others become mothers, aunts, grandmothers and best friends. I have made mistakes. I have learned from those mistakes. …

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Gates and Bunchberry

A bit late posting with the Easter weekend but check out last week’s episode of Regenerative Landscapes. “Gates and Bunchberry” delves into Bill Gates’ ideas to slow down climate change as well as we look at the cute little Bunchberry. Please check us out on Apple, Google, Spotify, iheartradio or …

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One of the side effects of gardening and yard work is often weeds. In small amounts and for certain purposes this is not always a bad thing. When weeds spread uncontrolled however, they can cause multiple problems. Listen to our latest episode of Regenerative Landscapes to get a better idea …

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Balsam Poplar Spring Blowout!

Potted trees take up the most space at our nursery and we need to make room for new spring stock, so from March 25 – April 30, 2021 take advantage of our sale pricing and do that shelter belt, reclamation piece, fire wood grove or what have you. These trees …

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Babies! Babies! Babies!

There are new plants sprouting everywhere at Medieval Manor Gardens! We love this time of year, and watch with anticipation to see if seed we have painstakingly collected, stratified, scarified, soaked or what have you, is starting to germinate. We cross our fingers that these seedlings thrive and grow into …

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Regenerative Landscapes Podcast Update

We have so much going on with our Regenerative Landscapes podcast right now, it’s hard to keep up! New main episodes are now being released every other week. Our Green Scene news and Plant Adventure Guide will be released on weeks opposite to the main episodes and feature news clips …

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What’s Sprouting 2021

We have been bringing in stratified seed, started some cuttings and have some new herbs and other plants on the go. Share some of our new green in pictures to brighten your day until spring arrives!    

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A Different Winter Landscape

Episode 5 of our Regenerative Landscapes podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify and now, iHeartRadio. “A Different Winter Landscape” looks at how to add colour and interest to an otherwise white winter landscape, and other things you can do for the benefit of both your human and animal friends …

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“It is Wet” Now Available on Apple, Google and Spotify

Episode 4 of the Regenerative Landscapes podcast, “It is Wet” is now available on Apple, Google and Spotify. We dive into what constitutes a wetland, some different natural and manmade types of wetland, and why we should conserve existing ones as well as create new ones. Never a dull moment …

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