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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Willow and Hawthorn

As we enter the fifth period of Sail or Saille (the letter S) from April 15-May 12, we find those born under this sign to be great observers and quite intuitive. They look at everything as a life lesson and are down to earth patient types. Incidentally, Sail means willow …

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Annual Seed Collection and Hunting Trip

We were all packed and ready to head out with our B Train (one ton truck, 5th wheel and flat deck carrying our side by side) on Fri., Sept. 23, 2022. I had to return on Sunday to get a delivery of plants out for the TransEd project Monday morning …

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Back to School Educational Ideas Featuring Nature!

Although it may be difficult to think about it now while the summer days are still warm and the lake is calling, school is just around the corner. This makes it a great time for teachers, home schoolers, day homes and other groups to think about adding exciting and creative …

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Top Regenerative Landscape Podcasts of 2021

Since we’re past the halfway point for January, 2022 I though I should take a few moments to reminisce about our podcast before I get too wrapped up in the new growing season. It’s hard to believe it’s already been just over a year since we released our first episode …

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Gates and Bunchberry

A bit late posting with the Easter weekend but check out last week’s episode of Regenerative Landscapes. “Gates and Bunchberry” delves into Bill Gates’ ideas to slow down climate change as well as we look at the cute little Bunchberry. Please check us out on Apple, Google, Spotify, iheartradio or …

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What’s Sprouting 2021

We have been bringing in stratified seed, started some cuttings and have some new herbs and other plants on the go. Share some of our new green in pictures to brighten your day until spring arrives!