Juniper, Creeping (Juniperus horizontalis) Alberta Native

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If you are looking for a groundcover that will still look great in the winter, consider this juniper. It grows in a variety of soil conditions including drier and poorer quality soils but make sure that it is well draining as Creeping Juniper does not like like to have wet feet. Although not very tall, Creeping Juniper does spread (as per its scientific name), so it can help prevent erosion and provide groundcover on steep hills where mowing can be dangerous. It can easily be pruned as an edging against sidewalks, retaining walls and the like as well. These shrubs are dioecious, meaning there are both male and female plants. Only female plants will produce berries which take multiple seasons to ripen. Unripe berries will have a lighter bloom to them and then they darken as they ripen. The berries can be used to flavour foods and beverages (gin is probably the most well known), and may have medicinal benefit for digestive issues, urinary tract infections, and kidney and bladder stones. Just be careful to use small amounts as the flavour is strong and higher doses can cause kidney issues, seizures and other issues.

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