Fireweed (Chamaenarion angustifolium) Alberta Native

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Both a beautiful and purposeful plant, fireweed can be used for reclamation after fire or other soil disturbance due to its rapid colonizing nature. Conveniently it has about a 5 year lifespan – by which time trees and shrubs have become established enough to take over. The young shoots can be eaten as a green and honey made from its nectar is subtly spicy, giving it a wonderful unique flavour. Fireweed leaves can be fermented like true tea to make “Ivan” or “Koporye” (Russian tea). It has also been used to reduce inflammation. We have a lovely meadow of fireweed that we wildcraft at this time so do not see the need to propagate plants (they are quite prolific!), but do have fresh and dried fireweed available.

*If you do have your heart set on your very own stand of fireweed, please give us notice and we can custom grow some plugs for you.

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