Alder, Green (Alnus viridis) Alberta Native

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Green Alder is a nitrogen fixing shrub, so is a welcome addition on poor soils. It can thrive in a variety of conditions including shade and wetter areas, and is fire resistant so is often used in reclamation after wildfires. It offers cover and food to a large number of wildlife from small birds to the large moose. The interesting female catkins are attractive for arts and crafts projects while the male catkins can be ground up as a pepper substitute. The wood is used to smoke fish and the bark can be used with different mordants for a number of dye colours including green, orange and brown. Alders have been determined to contain a variety of constituents (differing between species) that in some cases are quite potent and may show promise ranging from antimicrobials, inhibiting HIV-1, and treating obesity, to certain cancers and anitvirals. It is also handsome in landscaping scenarios. What an extraordinary plant!

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