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What’s Sprouting

As we approach spring many of the seeds we have been stratifying are now starting to sprout. What a feeling to see all that time and effort spent soaking, scarifying, chilling, covering etc. finally come to fruition! So far we have Ginkgo Biloba, Paper Birch, King’s Spear, Wintergreen, Beebalm, Catnip, …

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1st Paper Birch Germinating!

As many of our natives require special conditions to germinate like stratification (a period of cold) or scarification (removing part of the seed coat by nicking or sandpapering), it is always exciting when we see the first seedlings come up. We thought we would make it more interesting by sharing …

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Wintergreen Germinating!

Such tiny seed takes a long time to grow to any size but it’s always a good feeling to see little green sprouts popping up everywhere in the germ trays.

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Giant Hyssop Germinating!

One of the easier natives to germinate, but still a nice feeling to see little babies appearing in the germ trays.

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We Are Not Hibernating This Winter!

Medieval Manor Gardens started as a tiny greenhouse down in Longview. Since then we have moved, met new people, and have learned more about who we are and what we wish to become. As we enter the winter of 2017 and many farms and greenhouses are “sleeping”, Medieval Manor is …

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The countdown is on!

The seeds have been scarified, stratified, planted and whatever else it takes to coax those little seedlings out of their shells! Now just keep watching for updates as we post which plants are ready for you to adopt and when you can take them home!