Mother’s Day Tribute

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Mother’s Day Tribute

Valentines Heart

I am a mother to my child, to my animal companions, to my plants and to the natural world around me. I have loved and lost my own mother. I have watched others become mothers, aunts, grandmothers and best friends. I have made mistakes. I have learned from those mistakes. I have worked hard. I have enjoyed life to the fullest. I have shared what I have learned with others. I keep learning from others. I take pride in watching others grow. I try to be considerate of others. I am passionate about the things I care about. I try to be strong but can also allow myself to be vulnerable. I am there for others and they are there for me. These are traits that make me a mother. How about your mother figure? Is there something in particular that stands out? Or was she just always there when you needed her? Is this person your actual mother, or is she a grandmother, a sister, an aunt or someone else?

We would like to celebrate mothers of all kinds with some meaningful ways to say thank you for helping you become who you are today. From May 1 to May 10 we are offering these plants at special discounts to make it a little easier to show your mother figure a Happy Mother’s Day in your own way! (Go to our Specials page for more product and purchase information)

Priclky Wild Rose

Native Roses – Roses aren’t always red but that doesn’t mean they can’t smell as sweet! Enjoy the light perfume fragrance of these pink perennials again and again as they come back every spring, and then enjoy them again in the fall for their plump rosehips to make a fine jelly!

Heirloom Tomatoes – Many mothers have sentimental attachments to family heirlooms and gardening memories from their childhoods. Why not combine them and make some new memories that are also so flavourful!

Wild Strawberries – Was your mother figure a bit of a wild child? Bring some of that carefree whimsicalness back with these wildy delicious

Wild Strawberry


Chinese Motherwort – Perhaps your mother figure was a bit more practical and was always there to patch you up or make you feel better. Chinese Motherwort is a medicinal plant with a variety of uses so now you can pay it forward and give Mom something for all of the aches and pains you gave her Lol!

What’s your mother figure’s story?