TransEd Valley Line LRT Contract

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TransEd Valley Line LRT Contract

Medieval Manor Gardens is proud to be a part of the TransEd Valley Line LRT project. Multiple areas along the route had to be cleared for construction, before which time we collected native seed from along the river valley in order to propagate native species to revegetate the areas upon construction completion.

Germinating seedlings
Plant Nursery Area

This project has not gone without its’ difficulties – delays have necessitated changes to our growing schedules, and as of 2018 a city bylaw stating that no plant material is to to be harvested from Parkland are within the City of Edmonton, has meant we have had to apply for a permit with the city to enable us to collect further seed for the project. The ever changing weather and the pandemic of 2020 have also proved to be challenging. Our team has utilized their skills, creativity and innovation to ensure that this endeavour stays on track (pun intended!), and in so doing, our first two deliveries were made to Wagner Park and Connors Road South this spring.

Various native asters and grasses
Winter prepped plants

Though our mature plants may be sleeping under the snow and our seed is stratifying, we are already preparing for the anticipated deliveries in 2021. Medieval Manor Gardens will provide progress updates until the project end date in 2023, and then hopefully we can get pictures and data at various milestones after the project ends to monitor the growth, health and long term effects these native plantings will have.

We encourage more urban companies and projects to consider utilizing native plants to regenerate landscapes. The benefits are many, from wild habitat provision and reduced maintenance costs in the long term, to carbon sequestration, water filtration, and prevention of soil erosion. Sourcing these plants locally boosts the local economy and reduces the burdens that distance creates, resulting in multi-faceted sustainability – ecologically, and economically. It’s also a great way to connect with community, do something philanthropic and be a part of something bigger, now and for the long term.

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