*Please note: At this time the prices for both fresh and dried edibles and medicinals are the same.

As our inventory of species increases (especially our native plants!) it seemed it was time for an overhaul of our category arrangement. Since most customers want to know what conditions plants grow in to be sure they will succeed in the environments they will have when they get the plants home, we thought it pertinent to regroup our categories to include Prairie, Woodland and Wetland areas. While this is still not perfect as some plants will cross over into multiple categories and there are definitely more than 3 environments, it does give one a much clearer idea of what plants may work best in the most common environments we have in our area. Prairie is generally drier (though there can be more moist pockets in some spaces), more open, sunny, and subject to the elements. Woodland is generally cooler, more protected, quite often shady (though there are some open woodland areas) and can vary from drier to more moist conditions depending on topography. Wetland is definitely moist, but can vary from saturated ground, to banks and pond edges, to fully submerged and floating vegetation. It can also be shaded/protected all the way to full sun depending on different factors. Hopefully this gives people a better frame of reference when deciding on which species to purchase. MM Gardens now has a ‘Misfits’ category as well which includes one-offs, discontinued product, and plants that may have a kink or some other oddity about them, but are perfectly healthy otherwise. It enables us to clear much needed space and tidy things up a bit while giving customers a chance to get some cool plants at discounted prices! We have also opted to remove our ornamental category as really this seems redundant to us. I mean, any plant can be ornamental with the right placement! From all of us at Medieval Manor Gardens we thank all of our clients and hope this will make your plant shopping journey a little easier!