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The new Dragon Wagon!

We’re so excited with our newest purchase! This cute little gypsy style “Dragon Wagon” is going to get a make over before becoming a portable pop up shop for our plants, other items and perhaps even some of our workshops. Watch the progress on our website and social media platforms, …

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Willow and Hawthorn

As we enter the fifth period of Sail or Saille (the letter S) from April 15-May 12, we find those born under this sign to be great observers and quite intuitive. They look at everything as a life lesson and are down to earth patient types. Incidentally, Sail means willow …

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Ash and Alder

This month we look at Nion, represented by the letter N, and Fern, the letter F. Nion’s period is from Feb. 18th to Mar. 17th and people under this sign are deemed enchanters. Often possessing powerful imaginations, they are thought to be intuitive and very spontaneous in their actions. The …

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants

The Celts consisted of many different tribes, but collectively were the largest group of ancient Europe. They shared the same culture and though there were many different variations, they also shared a deeply rooted language. The Celtic religion had a close relationship to the natural world. Lakes, rivers, trees, and …

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Annual Seed Collection and Hunting Trip

We were all packed and ready to head out with our B Train (one ton truck, 5th wheel and flat deck carrying our side by side) on Fri., Sept. 23, 2022. I had to return on Sunday to get a delivery of plants out for the TransEd project Monday morning …

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Back to School Educational Ideas Featuring Nature!

Although it may be difficult to think about it now while the summer days are still warm and the lake is calling, school is just around the corner. This makes it a great time for teachers, home schoolers, day homes and other groups to think about adding exciting and creative …

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Myco Experience at the U of A Botanical Gardens

Finally I had a chance to experience the Alberta Mycological Society’s annual event at the U of A Botanic Garden, and boy was it worth it! For the regular price of admission to the gardens (located just north of Devon, just SW of Edmonton), one could peruse the fabulous display …

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Sandhill Cranes at the Farm!

As our game camera popped up more pictures the other day, I was totally expecting deer, elk, coyote, maybe a moose. At first I was at least impressed with the clarity of a shot of a mallard drake in flight. Not blurry at all. Kinda cool. It also means the …

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Earth Mother Spring Tea

Things are coming together nicely for our Earth Mother Spring Tea! We are so thankful to have the Earth Wisdom Centre just 25 minutes NW of Edmonton for this event. It’s a beautiful off grid, ecologically mindful community connection facility. A perfect atmosphere to celebrate Mothers and the rebirth of …

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Shipping Live Plants

As we have been getting more attention from out of province lately, I thought it would be a good time to go over a few things regarding shipping live plants. Although we would love to, we do not ship live plants out of province due to the potential risk of …

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Top Regenerative Landscape Podcasts of 2021

Since we’re past the halfway point for January, 2022 I though I should take a few moments to reminisce about our podcast before I get too wrapped up in the new growing season. It’s hard to believe it’s already been just over a year since we released our first episode …

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New Local Vendors Carrying Our Products!

We love supporting other local businesses, especially when they have the same ecologically minded values as we do! That’s why we’re so excited to have Backyard Birds Nature Shop in Spruce Grove carrying our Wild Teas, and both them and Furniture First carrying our artwork! We encourage anyone in the …

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Thank you to all of the Garden of Gifts participants!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the local businesses that participated in our Medieval Manor Garden of Gifts event this past Saturday including: Kriiations Hair One Man’s Treasure Fescue Naturalization Genevieve Olivier Backyard Birds Nature Shop Perks Coffee House Their gift donations were much appreciated …

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Medieval Manor Garden of Gifts!

We’re going to do something a little crazy and spontaneous this Saturday – give out free gifts! (That should get you in the Christmas spirit!) Medieval Manor Gardens will be appearing at different locations in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove with some of our Wild Teas along with items from …

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Balancing Farming, Fencing and Wild Game

(Picture via a game camera out at the family farm by Entwistle a few days before this article was published. Note the natural unfenced wildlife corridor leading through the hay field. The elk travel through every few weeks and are able to get to their next destination stress free. Other …

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Mother’s Day Tribute

I am a mother to my child, to my animal companions, to my plants and to the natural world around me. I have loved and lost my own mother. I have watched others become mothers, aunts, grandmothers and best friends. I have made mistakes. I have learned from those mistakes. …

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One of the side effects of gardening and yard work is often weeds. In small amounts and for certain purposes this is not always a bad thing. When weeds spread uncontrolled however, they can cause multiple problems. Listen to our latest episode of Regenerative Landscapes to get a better idea …

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Balsam Poplar Spring Blowout!

Potted trees take up the most space at our nursery and we need to make room for new spring stock, so from March 25 – April 30, 2021 take advantage of our sale pricing and do that shelter belt, reclamation piece, fire wood grove or what have you. These trees …

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Regenerative Landscapes Podcast Update

We have so much going on with our Regenerative Landscapes podcast right now, it’s hard to keep up! New main episodes are now being released every other week. Our Green Scene news and Plant Adventure Guide will be released on weeks opposite to the main episodes and feature news clips …

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What’s Sprouting 2021

We have been bringing in stratified seed, started some cuttings and have some new herbs and other plants on the go. Share some of our new green in pictures to brighten your day until spring arrives!    

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A Different Winter Landscape

Episode 5 of our Regenerative Landscapes podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify and now, iHeartRadio. “A Different Winter Landscape” looks at how to add colour and interest to an otherwise white winter landscape, and other things you can do for the benefit of both your human and animal friends …

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Meet the Hosts!

  Happy New Year! Here is our first real podcast for “Regenerative Landscapes” where you can find out more about our hosts. Please like, share and download for more episodes in 2021! <iframe title=”Meet the hosts!” src=”https://www.podbean.com/media/player/sddfj-f64d20?from=usersite&vjs=1&skin=1&fonts=Helvetica&auto=0&download=1” height=”315″ width=”100%” style=”border: none;” scrolling=”no” data-name=”pb-iframe-player”></iframe> Meet the hosts! podbean.com

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Our New Podcast “Regenerative Landscapes” Is Almost Here!

Myself and two of my friends and colleagues started this crazy idea of putting a podcast together featuring topics related to regenerative landscaping. You can find out more about what this means in our first episode (tentatively scheduled for a Dec. 30 launch right in time for New Year’s!), but …

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TransEd Valley Line LRT Contract

Medieval Manor Gardens is proud to be a part of the TransEd Valley Line LRT project. Multiple areas along the route had to be cleared for construction, before which time we collected native seed from along the river valley in order to propagate native species to revegetate the areas upon …

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Wild Recipes

Perhaps you will purchase some new plants from Medieval Manor Gardens, or maybe you will begin wild harvesting some of your own in the area that you reside. Great! Now you might start to think, “So now what do I do with them?”. Though they have been around long before …

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The Celtic Zodiac and Plants – Oak and Holly

From June 10th to July 7th of the Celtic Zodiac look for the rock solid stabilizing capabilities of Oak to come into play. Those born under this sign are positive, confident, and just beings. Oak is long lasting and one of the most sound building materials. Bur Oak is a …

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