“Don’t Freak Out Your Neighbors!” – Regenerative Landscapes episode 3

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“Don’t Freak Out Your Neighbors!” – Regenerative Landscapes episode 3

Goldenrod and Butterflies

In this episode the TreeO discusses how to begin nativescaping your yard while maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors. From choosing beautiful, appropriate native plants, to educating and including those that live next door, we show that it is possible, and may even engage others to find an interest and engage in regenerative landscaping.

Acoustic guitar

On a side note, we had a lot of fun creating our very own intro and outtro music. It’s not just the plants that are growing! We are trying to improve and grow our podcast for our listeners as well. As time goes by you should notice the additions and upgrades (hopefully by episode 4 our sound quality starts becoming more balanced – I was sure loud in this one! Lol!). Our goals are to provide an informative, yet light hearted take on regenerative topics in a quality package so that as many people as possible start to take more of an interest in the environment around them.

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